Even with intensive use, smartphones and tablets have only a low power consumption. The main environmental impacts of the devices are due to production and energy consumption for the infrastructure needed for data transmission.

In addition, they contain a large number of raw materials whose depletion pollutes the environment. Often they can only be recycled to insufficient proportions.


The right to anonymity, use of pseudonym and privacy is a fundamental right.

Fundamental rights secure our right to live in freedom, peace and security. They secure our right to a family, as well as to live quite free from fear and intimidation.


Companies, organizations and corporations but also private persons that communicate on any way through the internet and store data or information or transmit it to third parties must ensure the security of their IT.

Cybercriminal attacks take increasingly larger dimensions with ever more devastating result. Every day, the risk of being a victim of cyberattacks is rising.

open source

Why we use open source software? Because only then you know what you get. Also errors or gaps are found much quicker and become closed even faster and all independent from the big techs.

A collective approach rather then proprietary monopolization is the direct way to counter exploitative corporate culture and give the power back to the people.

what we do

Get connected, securely

Because monocles not only tries to help people and the environment with digital solutions, we offer refurbished and privacy friendly hardware too!

what we offer

…is freedom

without being tracked, without data-analyzing, without ads


Based on the world’s most secure Android OS, moculaOS is the best compromise between high security, privacy and usability.

monocles phone

…is the most secure and usable Android Smartphone ever!

Perfectly for your daily business or private life.

monocles account

Sign in to a secure account to communicate per chat and mail. Store and sync your most important data and work really privately.

More time for your life

Don’t waste your time with annoying ads or looking for the right applications! With the monocles phone and account you get all you need and don’t have to worry about your security anymore. Besides you support your environment by purchasing a professional refurbished phone and by using eco-friendly online services.

Influence the world

Today it becomes more and more difficult to choose for the right product. Especially when you consider to support a company with buying it’s products. Choose wisely who you want to trust and who you want to support. Even when it’s not monocles, the world needs a change. Centralized mass consumption is not the right way!

What people think

We’re not the only one

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what other people say

Edward Snowden

NSA whistleblower

“If I were configuring a smartphone today, I’d use @DanielMicay’s @GrapheneOS as the base operating system.”

Rebecca MacKinnon

Internet activist

”There is no country on earth where internet and telecommunications do not face at least some pressure from governments to do things that would potentially infringe on users’ right’s to free expressions and privacy.”

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